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THORNSPAWN / MALEDICTVS "Guided by Vengeance & Bloodlust" TAPE


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Compact Audio Cassette9.00 €
Black Metal.

Tape version from Inhuman Assault productions, comes with a mini-poster.

This split album is a momentous blood pact in that both THORNSPAWN and MALEDICTVS both share lineups: Blackthorn is vocalist/drummer (and founder) of THORNSPAWN and drums for MALEDICTVS, while MALEDICTVS founding vocalist/bassist Hella also plays bass in THORNSPAWN. For those entrenched in the underground, the name THORNSPAWN should be more than familiar; since their formation in 1993, the Texas tyrants have become one of the longest-running and most prolific forces on the American black metal scene.

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Label: Werewolf Records