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FACES OF DEATH "Stand Up And Face Death" CD


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Jewelcase CD14.00 €

Cult early 90's death/grind from Perth, Australia.

This 29 tracks and 76 minutes CD compiles their self titled full length from 1993 originally on Ecocentric Records, self released 1992 demo and a handful of unreleased recordings, all restored and remastered to finally present you the material like it was originally meant to be: heavy, punishing and brutal, yet with their very own style, done when originality still meant a lot in the world of extreme music. Obsessed with real crime and murder, Faces of Death took their name from the classic mondo shockumentary film and relished the phenomena of humanity's sickest side in the most gruesome fashion. All with an additional dose of that Australian fuck you attitude. In spirit, they occupied a similar field of music and image as Impetigo or Macabre, without really sounding like either. Just themselves. Real and unique 90's underground death/grind/thrash/fist-in-your-face -perfection for absolute cultists. Ex- members of true underground heroes like Rupture, Nailed Down and Ultimatum.