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PYÖVELI "No Speed Limits" LP


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Black Vinyl 12" LP25.00 €
"Playing fast, storming noise / Thrashing action, hateful voice / Force of Evil, metal war / No Compromises, No Speed Limits". You need more Pyöveli, also on vinyl! Fourth album of Finland's most authentic and raw speed / thrash metal unit is as good as it gets: hyperactive drumming at breakneck tempos, high pitched screams in the end of verses and choruses, storming riffs and lightning fast solos. Early Sodom, early Sepultura and early Slayer in a blender full of rusty nails. Horsepower with heaviest torque, just like that mean Mopar on the album cover. Wear A Seatbelt says the review at Encyclopedia Metallum. You'd better. Limited to 200 copies on black vinyl for the real underground metalheads out there. No, not for the wimps.