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SORGETID "Natt av Tusen Dödsfall" CD


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Pure Black Metal.

WEREWOLF RECORDS is proud to present SORGETID's striking debut album, Natt av Tusen Dödsfall, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.

SORGETID exclusively play Nordic black metal, from Finland. The name SORGETID may be new, but the creator behind it isn't: Finnish underground veteran V-Khaoz, renown for such bands as VARGRAV, DRUADAN FOREST, GRIEVE, and EMBRYONIC SLUMBER among many others, stretching back to the late '90s. With SORGETID itself, V-Khaoz indeed delves even deeper (and earlier) into the '90s, presenting vintage obsidian, both style- and production-wise, that respects the now-ancient time when black metal was only made by individuals who were truly dedicated to it. "In my reality, no other kind of black metal exists," he firmly states.

Truly, the evidence is there with SORGETID's first public recording, the full-length Natt av Tusen Dödsfall. Endearingly and engagingly familiar yet done with the deft nous for which V-Khaoz is known, SORGETID's first salvo is based purely on intuition and the man's need "to get quite old stuff out of my head - no future, no past." Existing within those reverently stringent boundaries, Natt av Tusen Dödsfall unveils a landscape rife with melancholy and madness, nostalgia and nightsky mysticism, fury and wonder woven together with elder chainmail forged in the fires of olde. Eight songs across 37 minutes are more than sufficient to paint the atmospheres and sensations that seemingly exist out of time. The album's no less raw nor polished than it needs to be; rather, it IS, unyielding and undying.

No references required here - as ever, V-Khaoz's work stands tall on it its own - but for those who still hold dark medieval times in their hearts, SORGETID's Natt av Tusen Dödsfall poignantly offers a portal to those glorious times.

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Label: Werewolf Records