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2 WOLVES "Not worth it" CD


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Jewelcase CD13.00 €
Gothic Doom/Death Metal.

WEREWOLF RECORDS is proud to present 2 WOLVES' highly anticipated fifth album, Not Worth It, on CD format.

Formed in 2011 in WEREWOLF's home of Lappeenranta, 2 WOLVES are one of Finnish metal's best-kept secrets. Through the prolific Inverse Records, the band have released four full-lengths since their year of formation, finessing a classics-minded gothic doom-death sound. With no hint of irony, 2 WOLVES evoke a rich nostalgia for the '90s, which is a major reason why WEREWOLF surprisingly have made a blood pact with the band for the release of their fifth album (and first in five years), Not Worth It.

As sterling as a place as any to start one's journey with 2 WOLVES, Not Worth It lumbers into life with no small amount of pathos and bathos. Crystal-clear yet crushing, the quintet here erect towers of somber, velvety sound, mining the vast field of dynamics that's the requisite of this subgenre. The signposts of the past are still in this present - Paradise Lost in their pre-altrock prime, Saturnus in theirs, or maybe very early Swallow the Sun closer to home - but 2 WOLVES' power comes in their poise, conveying just the right amount of rain-drenched emotion without going into mawkish excess, as well as the dual clean / growl vocals of frontman Ilkka Valkonen. Extending that nostalgia further, one could even liken this pact to a throwback to the early days of Napalm Records, where symphonic black metal coexisted with more than a handful of gothic metal; WEREWOLF no doubt has their own analogues to the likes of Setherial, Obtained Enslavement, and Siebenbürgen, and now they've The Sins of Thy Beloved. Even some of their intermittent kickstarts into black metal gear here harken to early Dismal Euphony. Not Worth It?

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Label : Werewolf Records