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GAURITHOTH "Satanic Perverse Black Latex Metal" CD


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Jewelcase CD12.00 €
Black fucking Metal.

Quarter century later after its first appearance Werewolf Records releases Gaurithoth's "Satanic Perverse Black Latex Metal" self financed demo-album in glorious full colour edition. As product of it's time, Gaurithoth played black metal like it was done before more recognizable "finnish black metal style" took over some years later in early 2000. Gaurithoth played twisted, furious and mental black metal in the vein of Impaled Nazarene, Enochian Crescent and others. Blasphemous and perverse. Gaurithoth was founded in Southern Savonia, Finland at 1997. After debut demo "In Moonlight We Gather" band headed to studio to record their full-length which was released in 1998 by band themself, in CD-R with shitty xeroxed covers. Although promotion was poor, band gained more reputation with its furious live shows where blood and vomit was spilled all over the stage. Because that band got banned from several venues.

Even if "Satanic Perverse Black Latex Metal" got some radio plays and songs were in several compilations, without any distribution and lack of internet it remained quite unknown and was soon forgotten, even if band itself was active for decades. Today Werewolf Records brings you one part of finnish black metal history. Eight page booklet, filled with pictures from every era of Gaurithoth, from its first live shows till this day, presenting the whole line up from 1997 to 2023. Line up changes but blasphemy remains.

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Label: Werewolf Records