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TAPIAS DE PILATOS "Cementerio de Excomulgados" CD


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Jewelcase CD13.00 €
Ultra morbid sepulchral Black Metal from Bogotá, Columbia. Fittingly named after a local cemetery for the excommunicated, Tapias De Pilatos sounds like possessed cadavers rising from the dead after centuries. The vocals are totally dead, creaking tales of the moribund in Spanish, and the production is dry as deceased flesh turning into dust in eternal darkness. This work is an evocation of human evil, inspired by terrifying stories from Bogotá and Colombia. The history of the band dates all the way back to 1994, yet their only release prior to this is a 1999 demo that didn't see it's real release until 2019. Without sounding retro nor following any current streams pestering the underground, on their 2022 debut album Cementerio de Excomulgados they conjure back the spirit of times when Black Metal meant something truly demonic, scary and above all: original.