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DEFIER "Overdose of Annihilation: The Redgate Pleasures 1989 - 1994" CD


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Jewelcase CD13.00 €
Thrash Metal.

This addition to the glorious Thrashing Relics series is a discography cd by one of the most promising unsigned Finnish thrash metal band from the final heydays of the movement. Highly efficient on both technical and song writing departments, armed with killer riffs only and some of the very best productions of the era, at their time Defier got compared to compatriots Stone as well as the biggest Bay Area thrash titans, yet they definitely had more personal touch and finesse to satisfy the bloodthirsty mob of metal obsessed moshers. Overdose of Annihilation compiles their ultra rare self released 12"EP and two demos on one cd clocking at 52 minutes. Booklet is filled with original ep and demo artwork, band photos, live photos, flyers and fanzine clips. Another high quality history lesson of Finnish metal from the era when it wasn't yet a globally celebrated phenomenon, but the path had to be paved by determination and brute force.