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Digipak CD13.00 €
Raw pagan black metal from Bogotá, Columbia. Enjeduana's debut album consists of eight songs, each dedicated to a different pagan feast or celebration. The sound is raw, piercing and cold in the way of 90's German, Polish and even Norwegian black/pagan metal sounds, but taken to a direction rarely travelled nowadays and surely adding more than a flavor from their own South American soil. Even though the sound is ripping raw, it's that in a clear and powerful way where all the instruments and elements are very much audible and very, very powerful. Vocals are beyond insane: from ultra high pitch screams to obscure bellowing and howling sounds you never heard before. The riffs and songs are top notch from start to finish, the band doesn't take the easy way out there. This is Pagan Metal with fitting Earthly production and intensity that's right in your face the way you can't escape it. Timeless underground metal for the true ones.