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USVA / DRACO "Re-Desecrating the South Carelian Graves" split CD


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Jewelcase CD14.00 €
Pre-Goatmoon material. Classic, cold, aggressive and epic finnish black metal. Not to be confused with another finnish act of the same name, USVA (finnish for "Fog") line up featured BlackGoat GraveDesecrator, M.V. and Avenger, DRACO featured Emperor Askonen, Namkah and Avenger - folks that later united for classics like "Finnish Steel Storm" and "In The Spirit of Ultimate Sacrifice". Included here are two previously unreleased demos (2000 & 2002) and two song rehearsal tape (2001) from Usva, as well as two unreleased studio demos (1998 & 1999) from Draco, first one including the track "Mythical Story" later recorded by Goatmoon. 17 songs and 55 minutes of historical finnish black metal.