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Dark keyboard music.

Featuring two stalwarts of the dungeon synth genre, this split also brings together Finland's foremost purveyors of the resurgent style. DRUADAN FOREST, of course, should require little introduction for those who follow the banner of WEREWOLF RECORDS: in 2019 did mainman V-Khaoz (also of labelmates VARGRAV and GRIEVE) release the staggering atmospheric black metal monolith Dismal Spells From the Dragonrealm, and shared an all-dungeon-synth split album with THE TRUE WERWOLF in 2108. Here, DRUADAN FOREST deliver two epic-length tracks of the purest, most fantastical dungeon synth. Unlike so many two-note/one-loop charlatans, V-Khaoz' dungeon synth creations are symphonies unto themselves, neither understated nor overstated, with fugue-like compositions revealing a wealth of adventure and mystery equally.

OLD SORCERY is undoubtedly a name well known to dungeon synth experts and acolytes alike. The work of Vechi Vrajitor, who plays doom metal in Musta Risti and black metal in Warmoon Lord, as OLD SORCERY does the man evoke forgotten realms with a sound drawn from the earliest birth pangs of dungeon synth. Here, he likewise delivers two epic-length tracks, effortlessly moving from magickal hypnosis to ceremonial mysticism, and similarly spanning a wealth of dynamics, hitting poignancy even in their quietest moments. While OLD SORCERY's work in recent years has evolved beyond (for lack of a better word) raw dungeon synth into a more sparkling, multi-hued iteration of such, Vrajitor's tones on these two tracks are vintage nostalgia par excellence.

Altogether, 45 minutes of dungeon synth mastery befitting an arcane age!

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Label: Werewolf Records