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CETUS "Khaosmos" LP


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Black Vinyl LP20.00 €
Raw Interstellar Nostalgia Black Metal, 2nd full album

In Khaosmos, Cetus establishes a mind-drifting experience on a journey to the super unknown within the universe and diving into the eternal void, the intuitional fear and excitement to not only the uncharted space but to one's self-conscious. Raw black metal as the medium, by placing elements of endless harsh, and dense emptiness in the slots, Khaosmos builds its very own original sound enunciated itself among the others by symbolizing the phenomenon of this endless spiral of the darkness to the life, evolving along with nearly very primitive oral expression than actually vocals, it's a terrifying interstellar odyssey on a breathtaking trip that should create chaos resulting listeners mind breaking. By diving into the thick, foggy layers of Cetus' universe, to truly seeing one's inner-self and wondering where we're all really from. This ride is a savage treatment to the ears for sure, if you are not aware yet, a justification that true emptiness is never for everyone, but the ones that willing to explore their mind drifting in the cosmos.

Khaosmos is dedicated to the greatest deep space of unknown.

Narbentage prod.