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BARBATOS "Rocking Metal Motherfucker" LP


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Black Vinyl LP20.00 €
HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present the third album of Japan’s BARBATOS, Rocking Metal Motherfucker, on vinyl LP format.

Something of an alter-ego to Japan’s insanely prolific Abigail, the nearly-as-prolific BARBATOS have long indulged a sleazy metalpunk style that plumbs the deepest recesses of good taste…and then defiles it, forever! Helmed by mainman Yasuyuki, BARBATOS have not been giving a fuck since 1996, and they’ve garnered a legion of diehards over the years that demand the basest of goods – and many times over.

Rocking Metal Motherfucker was originally released in 2003, but only on CD format, and while it was reissued in 2014, it’s been rare to come by. Longtime fans HELLS HEADBANGERS – who released BARBATOS’ most recent album, Straight Metal War, in 2015 – now step to the occasion and deliver this fun ‘n’ foul full-length on vinyl, for the first time ever. The song titles alone should give you a clue as to the cesspool Yasuyuki and crew are stepping into: "Blond Hair and Bitch!," "I Love to Eat Pussy," "Sexual Alcohol," and "Dick is Fucking Big" among many others. There’s simply no discounting bad taste…experience sleazy metalpunk at its very best/worst!